Film Screenplays & TV Scripts


Title: Café Bodega 

Genre: Family Comedy/ Sit Com (hour long pilot TV script)

Logline: A warm caring Hispanic family work together at a grocery store that’s also a café restaurant where musicians and performers eat free and the eccentricities run wild.

Pitch: The Cosby Show meets unique music show  

Title: Jersilandia

Genre: Sketch Comedy

Pitch: Portlandia meets Jersey 

Nada Mucho: Sit Com

Genre: Comedy (hour long pilot TV script)
Logline: A radio news talk host and salsa band leader still lives a frat house life in his New York apartment indulging his friends with parties and get togethers.
The girl chasing host is also torn between the love the three beautiful women he can’t seem to choose from. It’s a party and political event every week on Nada Mucho. 

Pitch: Seinfeld meets Old School


Title: Trash

Genre: Comedy Short Screenplay (can be easily adapted into a sitcom or feature length)

Logline: A married Hispanic heartthrob corporate janitor and superintendent is a compulsive womanizer who tries to ends his ways once he realizes how his love with his wife should be.

Pitch: The Man Who Loved Women meets Woody Allen’s New York Stories

The Imagination of Bliss: Feature Length Screenplay

Genre: Action/ Drama 

Logline: The Imagination Of Bliss is a gritty action packed martial arts urban drama about a legendary Sensei who comes to terms with his own redemption and spirituality.
Our legendary martial arts expert repents from doing drugs and womanizing after learning his grandfather died. He embarks on a study of non-violence in martial arts helping save a teen and his friends' souls. The ensemble cast also comes to terms with their own spirituality during the nonstop action and compelling discourse on spirituality, martial arts and the psychological effects of drugs and alcohol.

Pitch: Taxi Driver meets Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury 
For all demographics: Video game ready, merchandising, spin off as well as sequel potential. 

Rabbit Dreams: Feature Length Screenplay

Genre: Action/ Adventure / Fantasy

Logline: Rabbit Dreams is an epic nonstop action packed fantasy about a painter who becomes a prophet wielding a magical sword that heals in a surreal medieval time.
A symbolic fable following the adventures and ultimate triumph of our unlikely hero through various battles and struggles dealing with western and eastern spiritual insights and revelations.

Pitch: Snow White and the Huntsman & Avatar meets Lord of the Rings (only much more cost effective)

For all demographics: Video game ready, merchandising, spin off as well as sequel potential. Can be animated series.

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